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Station Data Points (53 KB)
     pointdata.tar.gz (50 KB)
These files include ArcInfo export files for the climate and stream discharge station locations.

Time Series Data (344 KB)
     timeseries.tar.gz (345 KB)
These files include data for the US climate and stream discharge stations within the Gulf of Maine Watershed. Climate time series are for the period 1970-1993. Stations may begin or end within this time period. Stream discharge time series are for the period of record for each station thru 1998, unless station was discontinued prior to 1998.

Due to data restrictions imposed by Environment Canada, we are not able to provide tabular station data for Canadian stations at this time.

Gridded Data - 2 arc minute grid resolution (4.2 MB)
       griddedfields.tar.gz (4.2 MB)
These files include:
       Climate (12 month air temperature and precipitation based on data from 1970-1993)
       Soil Texture (Based on FAO Digital Soils of the World)
       Elevation (Based on GETOPO30)
       Landcover (Based on NALCCD, EROS Dataset)

Nutrient Data
Basin Metadata (MS Word) Data (Text)
Androscoggin-Kennebec Download (94 KB) Download (51 KB)
Great Bay 1998-1999 Download (35 KB) Download (67 KB)
Great Bay 2000-2002 Download (39 KB) Download (22 KB)
Wells Download (36 KB) Download (13 KB)
       Download a Microsoft Word description of methodology employed in collecting nutrient data (26 KB)

USGS Real Time Data Archive
These data are provisional and have not been reviewed to ensure accuracy. See USGS provisional data explaination pages for  Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire for further information.
Gulf of Maine Watershed Real Time Stations

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